Heaven and How to Get There | John 14 (Video)

Heaven and How to Get There | John 14 Video by Pastor, Gary Hamrick for Cornerstone Chapel Leesburg VA

What will Heaven be like? How can we get there? Pastor Gary answers these two questions today’s study from John 14. Many people think that if they are good enough they will get to Heaven when they die, but then the question becomes, “How good is good enough?” Thankfully, Jesus died on a cross for our sins because He knew that we are not good enough—there is nothing we can do to earn or deserve Heaven. Yet Jesus opened Heaven wide through His sacrifice on the cross for all who would believe, and then He made a bold declaration that He is the only way to Heaven! Heaven is a choice. At the close of today’s teaching, Pastor Gary will help you to understand how to make that choice for Jesus so that you can go to Heaven when you die.
00:00 – Introduction
12:26 – Jesus talks about Heaven (John 14)
12:37 – – To prepare them for His departure from earth after His resurrection
13:13 – – To prepare them (and us) for OUR departure from earth when we die
19:08 – “Heaven” – mentioned more than 275 times in the New Testament (Another 300+ references in the OT)
19:25 – Heaven is the habitation of God and the eternal home for those who trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
20:35 – Heaven is located somewhere above the earth, beyond outer space
21:57 – Heave has streets of gold, gates of pearl, walls of jasper, foundations of precious stones, and a crystal-clear river.
23:10 – Heaven is illuminated solely by the presence of God and His glory (Rev. 21:23)
23:39 – Heaven is a place of “no mores”…no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain; no more sorrow or sin, or sickness (Rev. 21:4)
24:35 – Heaven is a place of reunions with loved ones and friends who knew Christ as Savior.
29:24 – Jesus said: “ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

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