Christians’ Powerful Response to Satanists at ‘Pagan Pride Fest’ That Featured Mockery, ‘Unbaptisms’

Christians’ Powerful Response to Satanists at ‘Pagan Pride Fest’ That Featured Mockery, ‘Unbaptisms’ By  for Faith Wire

Christians in Tyler, Texas, came together to pray ahead of a festival held Saturday by self-professed Satanists, atheists, heathens, spiritualists, and so-called “other’d folks” who participated in what they dubbed “unbaptisms.”

“As a Christian, we’re called to a spiritual battleground, and I think this is an opportunity to exercise our strength in our relationship with Christ,” Lauren Ethredge-Langas, a member at the Church of the Pines, told KVEO-TV of the decision to pray for those gathered Saturday for the “Pagan Pride Fest.”

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Donnell Walder, pastor of W.O.W. Church, emphasized the non-combative nature of the Christian presence and prayer event ahead of the Satanic festival.

“We didn’t come down to bash anyone’s religion, but we wanted to stand as believers and pray,” he said.

The believers’ intentions were certainly different from those gathered for the “Pagan Pride Fest.” In a video posted by independent journalist Tayler Hanson, one attendee of The Satanic Temple purportedly said she wanted to “bother Christians” with her presence at the event.

Additionally, many of the festival’s participants were wearing religiously themed outfits, mocking those who believe in God. Some also painted upside-down crosses on their foreheads while others participated in what they called “unbaptism,” a sacrilegious ritual reportedly sold to attendees for $10.

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