How Do You Stop A Revolution? “Dirty” Coal and Nuclear Power…

How Do You Stop A Revolution? “Dirty” Coal and Nuclear Power… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

A total of about 2000 hectares ( 20 million m²) of the thousand-year-old Reinhardswald was designated for destruction by the state in order to clear the way for a massive wind power plant development. Source

Is it just me or does it make sense to clear cut a 1,000 year old forest to make way for “green energy” power plant? Am I missing something here? Where is the “green” in this situation? Is it the “green” lining the pockets of the profiteers? Yeah, we think so.

The German “leadership” has been moving away from cheap energy and incorporating truly unsustainable, prohibitively expensive “green energy” like solar and wind. They forgot that all this “green energy” needs all that nasty fossil fuel energy to make it work. That “electric” car you’re driving is charged using coal, natural gas or nuclear energy. Batteries require recharging – recharging requires the muscle of fossil fuels, not wind nor solar – not enough muscle. Sure, you can use wind or solar – as long as you have plenty of time to wait for the charge to take hold.

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German electricity by source in 2021
  •   Nuclear: 65.37 TW⋅h (13.3%)
  •   Brown coal: 99.05 TW⋅h (20.2%)
  •   Hard coal: 46.44 TW⋅h (9.5%)
  •   Natural gas: 51.17 TW⋅h (10.4%)
  •   Wind: 113.51 TW⋅h (23.1%)
  •   Solar: 48.45 TW⋅h (9.9%)
  •   Biomass: 43.21 TW⋅h (8.8%)
  •   Hydro: 19.4 TW⋅h (4.0%)
  •   Oil: 1.44 TW⋅h (0.3%)
  •   Other: 2.55 TW⋅h (0.5%)

After the, now failed, experiment of an entire country turning off nuclear and coal power in favor of solar and wind energy, the people of Germany, having lost their cheap energy from Russian natural gas and oil pipelines, have been clear cutting ancient forest for firewood to heart their homes this winter.

Skyrocketing prices for natural gas have Europeans scrambling for alternative energy sources.In Germany, where households face a 480 euro rise in their gas bills, people are resorting to stockpiling firewood.

The fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sunk Europe into the worst energy crisis in decades. From Italy to the UK, governments are racing to replace natural gas supplies from Russia and curtail the higher costs for industry and households. But consumers, too, are having to adapt, from cutting back on showering to firing up the chimney. Source

The German “leadership” is now singing a new, old tune. Here, let’s hum a couple bars…

Last week, numerous media outlets reported that Germany will extend the lives of three of its nuclear power plants. The move to keep the reactors online, which was opposed by the country’s Green Party, showed that German politicians are recognizing the need to keep reliable generation plants online to assure the country has enough electricity this winter.

But another equally important announcement was also made last week that got far less media attention: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Germany was reopening five power plants that burn lignite, a low-rank coal. Germany’s return to lignite demonstrates, yet again, the Iron Law of Electricity, which says that people, businesses, and governments will do whatever they have to do to get the electricity they need. Source

And just like that, “green energy” is no longer “green” while nuclear and “dirty” coal are back in favor.

The lesson here kids is, if you want to avoid a revolution, where you will be hanged or worse, turn the nuclear power plants on, drill for oil and dig up the “clean” coal that is abundant and cheap. In doing so, the 1,000 year old forest will stand a chance of seeing 2,000 years.

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