The Democrats’ democracy vs. the GOP’s republic

The Democrats’ democracy vs. the GOP’s republic By Chuck Watson for American Thinker

One of the Democrat sound bites is that Republicans want to destroy our democracy.  Someone should submit a few questions to them.

1. What is their definition of democracy?

2. Where is that definition in our Constitution?

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3. Specify the actions Republicans propose that would destroy democracy as they define it.

4. Specify the actions Republicans propose that would destroy our Republic as defined in the Constitution.

The Democrats want mob rule.  Sheer numbers.  As for those in the minority, the Democrat elite will decide what is best for them.  In reality, though, the Democrats will decide what is best for themselves and those who support them.  That is not what our Constitution provides.  Our Framers were meticulous in assuring that that we were never to become a democracy.  The Constitutional Republic they designed protected and preserved the views and opinions of all Americans, not just those who live in large cities.

The unfairness of the Democrats’ view of democracy can easily be shown visually by electoral maps by county.  Even the 2020 map shows that Trump won approximately five times as many counties as Biden, yet Biden sits in the White House (when not in Delaware).  A few blue islands, consisting of some of our large cities, scattered amidst a sea of red.  Maps of previous elections are similar.  It is the concept of a republic that provides representation to that sea of red.

This is becoming more and more important as the Democrats continue to divide Americans.  There is little credible argument left that the political views of the large Democrat-run cities have much if anything in common with the sea of red, or at least with the “ruling elite” of those cities.  The Democrats act as if those who choose to live in the sea of red are beneath them in intelligence, that the Democrats know better what is best for those unfortunate sea of red dwellers.  Their arrogance is finally becoming their undoing, even within parts of the blue islands.

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