The Prophetic Word God is Revealing to Prophets Across the Country about What’s Coming

The Prophetic Word God is Revealing to Prophets Across the Country about What’s Coming by Shelby Lindsay for Charisma News

There is a spiritual world that exists outside of what the human eye can perceive. Humans are spiritual beings made in the image of God. What happens in the unseen realm affects your daily life and you often don’t even realize what is going on.

The Bible tells us that angels and demons are in the spiritual world. In Hebrews 1 it says that God sends angels to minister to those who will inherit salvation. There are also demons who disguise themselves as angels of light and they come with one mission: steal, kill and destroy.

What if these demons were influencing culture and entertainment in ways you haven’t realized? Christian YouTuber Troy Black shared a profound prophetic vision God gave him concerning ancient pagan gods in our world today.

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“I began to see this image of this Egyptian god and he was turned to the side. What it looked like was sort of a man’s body and the head was kind of a like a dogs head,” Black says. During his vision God spoke to him and said the word “Anubis.”

In his video, Black shares what’s behind the name “Anubis.” “It’s an ancient Egyptian god of the dead represented by a jackal or the figure of a man with the head of a jackal,” he says.

Why is this important?

God spoke to him and said: “They like to be worshipped. They’re returning in multiple formats. Taking on images they once held, but with new meaning in the hearts of the worshippers. A satanic agenda is being spread across culture and entertainment with the goal of restructuring ancient religious symbols into modern day formats so that the worship of ‘foreign’ (or false) gods can proceed.”

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has had similar prophetic visions from God. In his new book “Return of the Gods” he shares in-depth revelation about what is happening to America and the world.

Cahn and Black believe these gods have returned as hidden agents, diabolically altering modern culture as we know it.

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