Trans Activists Are Now Promoting Child Drag Queens Nationwide

Trans Activists Are Now Promoting Child Drag Queens Nationwide BY JONATHON VAN MAREN for Prophecy News Watch

Since Drag Queen Story Hour became a flashpoint in the culture wars, LGBT activists have insisted that these performances are a) not sexually explicit and b) not inappropriate for children. Time and time again, the work of conservative journalists and activists have proven that both these claims are lies.

For example, the North Carolina Museum of Art was forced to cancel its drag show oriented towards promoting “gender fluidity” and a “maelstrom of passion” to children as young as two.

In September a show titled “Drag Kids” in Boise, Idaho–which was scheduled to feature “child drag queens as young as 11 years old”–was also canceled after a pressure campaign, with state legislators looking into making these sorts of shows illegal in public venues.

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And this, by the way, is what a “family-friendly” drag show looks like–a transvestite “simulating a striptease in front of children,” singing lyrics like: “my p***y good, p***y sweet …f**k me all night.”

If that vile collection of evidence isn’t enough for you, check out the regular videos posted by Libs of TikTok or Christopher Rufo, who has been posting clips of parents reading from explicit, homosexual sex manuals for children being used in American public schools. Much of it is completely unquotable–and again, it is targeted at children.

It isn’t enough for sexual revolutionaries to promote transvestite stripteases for children and drag queens reading LGBT stories and how-to manuals on anal sex for kids as part of their school curriculum: they also must recruit, groom, and train children to become drag queens themselves.

Some of these performances have been cancelled under pressure, but a bar called “Old Nick’s Pub” in Eugene, Oregon, for example, are hosting a “child drag performer” along with adult drag queens this coming Sunday.

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