The Dangerous Plot to Ban Christian Counseling

The Dangerous Plot to Ban Christian Counseling by Liberty Counsel for Charisma News

Writer’s Note: Imagine ropes restraining your body as you struggle to break the surface of the water to suck in another gasp of air. A nearby person wants to help you, but the rescuer is being physically restrained. This frantic fight for life is how our counselors and their clients feel in the face of horrible laws that ban lifesaving counsel for people caught in the bondage of unwanted same-sex attractions, behavior or gender confusion. Believe me, this is a struggle for life and death.

Liberty Counsel has led the nation against counseling bans. We won the first case in the country at a federal Court of Appeals a few months ago! But if the “Transgender Bill of Rights” (H.Res. 1209) passes, Christian counseling for those suffering from gender confusion and unwanted same-sex attraction will be illegal everywhere. Liberty Counsel is fighting for our children in courtrooms and in the halls of Congress. We need your help! Please, fax Congress NOW demanding they vote no on H.Res. 1209.Mat Staver

A new study reveals that more than half of persons identifying as “transgendered” were sexually abused as children, with most of the abuse happening before they were 13. And 77% reported other forms of abuse, indicating the deep emotional wounds carried by these individuals.

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Body dysmorphic disorder was first included in the 1980 publication of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III” (DSM-III), where it was called “dysmorphophobia.”

Body dysphoria has been recognized as a mental illness for over a century. In 1891, Italian physician Enrico Morselli stated that “[t]he dysmorphophobic patient is really miserable; in the middle of his daily routines, conversations, while reading, during meals, in fact everywhere and at any time, is overcome by the fear of deformity … which may reach a very painful intensity, even to the point of weeping and desperation.”

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