Russian Federation has 2 million mobilized at hand, with potential total of 29 million

Russian Federation has 2 million mobilized at hand, with potential total of 29 million from End Time Headlines

Lieutenant General Serhiy Naiev, Commander of the Joint Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reports that the number of mobilized the Russians have at hand is about 2 million, with a potential total of about 29 million. “The Russian Federation has prepared a mobilization resource of about 2 million people. Overall, their potential mobilized force amounts to about 29 million people.

In their desire to achieve the goals they set for themselves, the Russians will increase the number of people mobilized. Therefore, we should be prepared for such a situation and ready to deal with it on our own terms”. Naiev explained that many of those mobilized were recently released from military service and have participated in military training.

Answering the question of whether the Russian mobilization will be able to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Naiev emphasized that everything depends on the resources that Russia will have available and the resources that will be supplied to Ukraine by its partners.

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“In this struggle for resources, of course, Western weapons are more modern and highly accurate. Whatever is given to us, we very quickly master and use. Hence, if we receive the necessary amount of weapons and military equipment in time, then the advantage will be on our side”, he assured.

Regarding the 300,000 mobilized announced by Russia, Naiev expressed the opinion that this would lead to the creation of new military formations on the territory of the Russian Federation, “which the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation and their military command will try to regroup, thereby possibly affecting the revision of their strategic offensive operation”.

“They can form more than 3 army corps, 4 divisions, 10 regiment-level organizational structures, 10 motorized rifle divisions of territorial troops and up to 3-4 brigades of territorial troops. In other words, it is a very powerful force, but it takes time to prepare”, he said.

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