On Cultivating Tolerance

On Cultivating Tolerance By Dr. Bob S. via Silkworth

GNN Note – Dr. Bob is one of the greatest missionary for Jesus Christ to ever be. It is reported that he handed out thousands of copies of Emmet Fox’s Sermon On the Mount. This book, like the book Alcoholics Anonymous is nothing more than a gateway to the Holy Bible. It changes a person. It affects their life in ways that can not be described. It opens a hunger in ones heart they never knew existed. Dr. Bob, while living. help bring thousands of people to the ministry. These in turn have brought hundreds of thousands, if not millions. / END

During nine years in AA, I have observed that those who follow the Alcoholics Anonymous program with the greatest earnestness and zeal not only maintain sobriety but often acquire finer characteristics and attitudes as well. One of these is tolerance. Tolerance expresses itself in a variety of ways: in kindness and consideration toward the man or woman who is just beginning the march along the spiritual path; in the understanding of those who perhaps have been less fortunate in education advantages; and in sympathy toward those whose religious ideas may seem to be at great variance with our own.

      I am reminded in this connection of the picture of a hub with its radiating spokes. We all start at the outer circumference and approach our destination by one of many routes. To say that one spoke is much better than all the other spokes is true only in the sense of its being best suited to you as an individual. Human nature is such that without some degree of tolerance, each one of us might be inclined to believe that we have found the best or perhaps the shortest spoke. Without some tolerance, we might tend to become a bit smug or superior – which, of course, is not helpful to the person we are trying to help and may be quite painful or obnoxious to others. No one of us wishes to do anything that might act as a deterrent to the advancement of another – and a patronizing attitude can readily slow up this process.

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