Multipolar World Order – Global Fascism, Currency

Multipolar World Order – Global Fascism, Currency by Iain Davis for Off-Guardian

GNN Note – If you’re not familiar with alliances like the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and European EurAsian Union (EAEU) you would do well to begin researching these entities. They are about to wipe out, transfer, all your remaining wealth into a brand spanking new system that no longer cares about you, your family or any of the values you hold dear. Got ammo?
– BRI – headed by China with assist from Russia
– SCO – headed by China and Russia with approximately 10 other nations
– EAEU – headed by Russia with an assist from China / END

In Part 1, we discussed the nature of “world order” and global governance. We learned the crucial difference between the Westphalian model of equal, sovereign nation-states—a mythical ideal, never an actuality—and the various attempts to stamp a world order on that template.

In particular, we considered how the UN has been the leading organisation promoting global governance and how its founding Charter facilitates the centralisation of global power.

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We observed that the UN has undergone a “quiet revolution” that has transformed it into a global public-private partnership (UN-G3P).

Latterly, we have seen the rise of a prospective multipolar world order that some say opposes the hegemony of its unipolar predecessor. This new model of global governance will apparently be led by allies Russia and China, the two countries that head up the multilateral partnerships of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

The multipolar world order is predicated upon a more prominent role for the G20 rather than the G7. Thereby strengthening Russia’s and China’s positions as permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Whereas the existing unipolar world order established a system of global governance that enables UN-G3P oligarchs to influence policy agendas of nation-states around the world, the new multipolar world order is designed to advance the power of those oligarchs even further—by transforming their influence into absolute control.

Look no further than the Russian and Chinese governments, where the marriage between the political and corporate state is complete. We will address this in detail in Part 3.

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