What Do Your Youth See in You?

What Do Your Youth See in You? By JANET BOYNES for The Stream

You are being watched. Every move and step you make is being monitored, whether consciously or subconsciously, by your youth. No matter what role you play in a child’s life, directly or indirectly, the way you live your life is on display to the young people of this nation. What do they see when they watch you?

You have a lot of input as a parent while raising your children. You nurture and give guidance as they grow so that they will be able to make wise choices in life. Although you wish it was like a website search tool where you could just delete some of those choices from their history, you still play a very crucial role in helping them through whatever choices they make.

Truth is, children glean from more than just their parents. They watch teachers, neighbors, and many people around them. They have this inner storage facility that they just drop pieces of what they see into it and when you least expect it, it rises, and they imitate the action or repeat what was said. This can catch a parent way off guard.

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The Enemy is Running After Them

You may have not signed up to be a mentor. Your day-to-day routine didn’t involve trying to be a perfect role model to the kids across the street. Yet, here you are, a person of interest to a young person you may or may not know. Young people will have no problem finding the evil and bad influences in life. In fact, the enemy is constantly running after them. He is relentless in seeking them out to try to take these impressionable babies and turn them against the great plan God has for them.

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