Israeli Company Introduces 3D Printed “Meat” As The Future Of Food

Israeli Company Introduces 3D Printed “Meat” As The Future Of Food BY TYLER DURDEN for Zero Hedge

GNN Note – Wow – Double Wow!! If you’d told me a month ago we would be discussing 3D-Printed meat I would’ve called you crazy. “3D-Printers and for printing guns, houses and stuff you DO NOT eat. You know, more stuff closely related to plastic than beef!!” But here we are, reviewing another item from the #SatanicGlobalist, playing god, trying to steal our humanity. We thought Eve messed up. / END

Despite plunging interest and falling stock prices, multiple companies around the globe are still attempting to promote fake meat substitutes into a highly limited market that does not want them.  Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat were the last failed attempts to use soy, bean and pea proteins to simulate the burger experience, going so far as to partner with fast food franchises like Burger King And McDonald’s, only to have these programs cancelled because of lack of sales.

Artificial meat and the removal of meat from the public diet has been an ongoing agenda of the UN for several years, based on the claim that animal farming releases too many greenhouse gases that contribute to “climate change.”  There is still no concrete scientific evidence to support this conclusion, given that the world’s overall temperature has only increased less than 1 degree Celsius in the past century according to the NOAA. Nevertheless, the establishment marches forward with its goal of a vegan population by 2050.

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Israeli company Redefine Meat is entering the field in Europe with a method for 3D printed lab grown steaks instead of the typical burger alternative.  Besides the process looking rather grotesque and unnatural, it is highly unlikely that a meat paste substitute will ever come close to the taste of a real steak.  Ask yourself, would you willingly eat this?

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