ACIP Votes to ADD COVID-19 Injections to the Childhood Schedule

ACIP Votes to ADD COVID-19 Injections to the Childhood Schedule by xx for Who Is Robert Malone – SubStack

GNN Note – No will trust any doctor, any healthcare institution or any word coming from the people we once trusted, literally, with our lives. / END

Public Trust is gone.

The ACIP voted to add the COVID-19 injections to the childhood schedule, which determines what vaccines a state mandates for children to attend school.

Main stream media is pretending that states determine what vaccines are used, but the truth is that pediatricians use the CDC schedule and state public health officials use this schedule. State public health systems use the schedule to determine which vaccines to require for children to enter schools. Yes, some states have more stringent requirements than others. Some states allow for “opt-outs,” but in the end, most states follow the CDC guidelines. The ACIP functionally establishes “standard of care” in this area.

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Therefore, we can expect an even bigger home schooling and private schooling boom.

Even before Omicron, before all the risks of severe adverse events were known, 60-61% of parents disapproved of adding these COVID-19 shots to the childhood vaccine schedule.

Where do we go from here?

It is time for an over haul of the CDC, the ACIP, the FDA, NIH, NIAID and the whole HHS enterprise.

It is time for parents to take control back from the state.

My friend, Dr. Meryl Nash wrote on her Substack about this vote:

The committee members were presented with CDC’s fait accompli today by hearing a very bland presentation of the “edits” to the childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedules.

Buried among dozens of “edits” was the inclusion of COVID-19 vaccines to the childhood and adolescent schedules, which is to be rolled out in February. But was posted to CDC’s website on October 17, 2022, before the ACIP’s approval.

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