“They Will Steal The Midterms”

“They Will Steal The Midterms” by Emerald Robinson for Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way

Delaware County just sent out mail-in ballots without being L & A tested

Thanks to the authors of The Parallel Election for sending me the following information about election fraud being prepared for the 2022 mid-terms in Delaware County, PA.

First, read this announcement.


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What does this mean?

According to Leah Hoopes, the co-author of The Parallel Election:

This means mail-in and absentees were sent out this past weekend by October 8th.  

The announcement of logic and accuracy was posted to the Philadelphia Inquirer on October 6th and the official notice is attached below. In which they state in plain language the logic and accuracy testing will commence on October 11th. 

According to Leah Hoopes, the co-author of The Parallel Election, the steal is on again:

So, this means all absentee and mail in ballots were sent out without being tested. Which according to the directive MUST BE DONE!

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