Jeremy Hunt: Xi’s Man in London

Jeremy Hunt: Xi’s Man in London by xx for The New Normal – Substack

GNN Note – China, Russia and the BRI are progressing at breakneck speed. The west has no idea what is happening as the media never, ever, ever reports anything about it. Tucker has spent about 15 minutes on over the past several years but that’s it. We’re about to be swept away and none of the masses will have a clue /END

The choice of Jeremy Hunt in particular to lead Britain’s Government, given his intimate Chinese relations, raises troubling questions about the British political establishment’s priorities.

New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has appointed Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer, the top position in cabinet. Hunt is an establishment figure and a longtime advocate of close UK-China relations. Given Britain’s current economic crisis, commenters widely agree that this makes Hunt, as the Economist put it, “prime minister in all but name.”

Hunt immediately went to work slashing nearly all of Truss’s proposed tax cuts and did the media rounds warning of imminent austerity. This is widely seen as a move to appease bond markets and central banks. Coupled with the damage done by lockdowns, this could be the final nail in the coffin for many of Britain’s small businesses.

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Hunt explicitly reassured the Financial Times that Truss is still “in charge”—but the fact that he had to say so is something of a giveaway that most agree this is not the case.

Even more remarkable is that Hunt obtained his post at the head of Britain’s government “without a shred of democratic legitimacy.” Hunt lost the bid for PM to Boris Johnson in 2019, and his subsequent bid in 2022 gained the support of just 18 MPs. His career in high office seemed to be over.

Part of the reason Hunt’s 2022 bid imploded is that testimony and video surfaced of his praising China’s draconian “Zero Covid” and quarantine measures and advocating for the UK to emulate them. Hunt had likewise been a vocal proponent of lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

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