Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit — What is it?

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit — What is it? from Compelling Truth

GNN Note – The unforgivable sin – blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. / END

Let’s be clear: the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is not taking the Lord’s name in vain. It is not getting mad at God and telling Him you wish things were different. It is not pledging allegiance to Satan or having an ungodly thought flicker across your mind.

Mark 3:20-30 and Matthew 12:22-32 tell us about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Jesus had cast a demon out of a blind and mute man. Not understanding that their Messiah stood before their very eyes, the Pharisees declared that the power Jesus used to cast out the demon must have come from Satan. Jesus explained that any sin or blasphemy, even against He, Himself, could be forgiven.

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Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, however, can’t be forgiven. The Pharisees had attributed the work of the Holy Spirit to Satan. They claimed that Jesus was demon-possessed, not Spirit-filled. They intentionally rejected the prophecies of the Old Testament and attributed the Spirit’s work to Satan.

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