Biblical Basis for Rabbi Cahn’s New Book, ‘Return of the Gods’

Biblical Basis for Rabbi Cahn’s New Book, ‘Return of the Gods’ by Myra Kahn Adams for Town Hall

As always, thanks for joining our study. Today we examine the biblical basis for Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s new bestselling non-fiction book, “The Return of the Gods.”

Note the “non-fiction” designation, because his book is based on Scripture, ancient and modern history, current events, and cultural changes. Cahn juxtaposes all that with his inimitable prophesying about the consequences for America (and the Western world), turning away from God’s commandments, declarations, and teachings of Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew.)

Rabbi Cahn and I are Messianic Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah. Our overarching belief is repeatedly confirmed, authenticated, and substantiated by how the New Testament fulfills the Old. Regular readers of this study are familiar with my frequent discussions about that vital connection. (See Vols. 93 and 94, Messianic prophecies featuring Rabbi Cahn.)

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That said, we begin with some quotes from Rabbi Cahn, who emailed me:

“The Return of the Gods is the most explosive book I’ve ever written.”

And why is that, you ask? He included the answer saying:

“The book poses the question, ‘Is it possible that the ‘gods’ of ancient times were not merely fiction and myth, but that there was something very real about them – that behind them were entities, spirits? And if so, is it possible that they could return to our world, to modern culture – even to America? The mystery is actually revealed in the Bible – and the surprising answer is ‘Yes.’ ”

Moreover, the book’s official press release quotes Cahn saying, “these gods or entities are transforming America from a Christian nation to a pagan one. In the Hebrew Scriptures the entities were called the shedim. In the New Testament they are referred to as the daimonia.”

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