Now We Know: The Conspirators Want World War III

Now We Know: The Conspirators Want World War III BY  for The Expose’

Back in the middle of April 2022, I wrote an article in which I expressed concern that the conspirators were pushing us into World War. The title of that article was ‘Do the Conspirators Now Want World War III?

Well, we know now.

They do.

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By Dr, Vernon Coleman

The journalists and collaborators who sneered and scoffed, and said it could never happen, were clearly wrong – again.

The fraudulent pandemic, the covid-19 jabs, the lockdowns, the masks and the panoply of psychological, brainwashing tricks introduced by lying, cheating governments and government advisors were designed to terrify and to force populations to learn to obey whatever instructions they were given and to accept whatever lies they were told.

The aim, as we knew all along, was to reduce the size of the world’s population. That’s what the conspirators frequently told us. And that is what they meant.

The covid-19 jab will kill many. Abandoning the elderly, the sick and the disabled will kill millions. The growing famine in Asia and Africa will kill a billion or so. But that won’t be fast enough. A good, chronic, designer war will kill billions.

It is possible because the conspirators have suppressed the truth, demonised the truth-tellers and terrified millions into becoming collaborators in their evil conspiracy.

And, of course, the bought-and-paid-for medical profession (bought with massive, unprecedented taxpayer-funded fees for giving jabs they must have known did more harm than good) and the bought-and-paid-for media (bought with massive, taxpayer-funded advertising which kept them alive) supported and promoted the conspirators and their conspiracy.

Right from the start, I felt it was patently clear that what was happening in Ukraine is being used as an excuse to build up enthusiasm for World War III.

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