The Evil Known As Planned Parenthood Caught, Again…

The Evil Known As Planned Parenthood Caught, Again… by Micaiah Bilger for Life News

GNN Note – How many times does one company need to be caught committing such evil before We The People STOP funding them? If it were a whistleblower without video evidence that would be one thing, however, this is, at least, the second time there is video evidence that would seem to indicate Planned Parenthood is engaged in one of the most deeply evil undertakings a person could be involved. / END

Recent video footage from the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility is raising new questions about the harvesting of aborted baby body parts and research at the University of Pittsburgh.

The taxpayer-funded Pennsylvania university has been facing scrutiny for its research with aborted baby body parts, including one horrific experiment in which aborted babies’ scalps were grafted onto rodents to study the human immune system. The university has denied all allegations of wrong-doing.

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Earlier this month, pro-lifers outside a Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh noticed someone with the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE), a non-profit organ procurement group, loading what appeared to be specimen bags from the abortion facility into a cooler in a vehicle with the CORE logo, The Federalist reports.

CORE, which is based in Pittsburgh, has close ties to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), with several UPMC employees serving on the non-profit’s advisory board.

“The University of Pittsburgh swore under oath that it did not harvest fetal organs from Planned Parenthood — so what is the university’s organ harvesting company doing parked at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic with coolers?” asked David Daleiden, an undercover journalist and president and founder of the Center for Medical Progress.

Daleiden and Pennsylvania pro-life leaders urged state officials, including state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, to investigate.

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