Should We Put Up Political Signs in our Yards?

Should We Put Up Political Signs in our Yards? by Michael Brown for Ask Dr Brown

GNN Note – Yes we should. Something like “Jesus, yesterday, today and forevermore. The only True candidate on the ticket.” / END

At a recent Q&A session, a Christian leader asked me an interesting question.

She and her husband live in a community of about 50 families, most of whom are Democrats. This woman and her husband are widely known in their community as committed Christians, openly celebrating Christian holidays, and putting up a Christmas display every year.

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Recently, they were asked to put up signs in their yard supporting two Republican candidates, people also known for their Christian values. Should they do it?

I’ll share my answer in a moment, but let’s think through the issues a bit more fully.

I asked this on Twitter and Facebook: “If you’re known to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues as a follower of Jesus, should you put up signs in your yard for political candidates or wear a candidate’s hat? Yes (because our politics reflects our faith)? No (because this would muddle our gospel witness)? What’s your take?”

The responses on both of those platforms were fairly evenly divided, signifying that there’s plenty of room for debate.

One woman commented, “Yes absolutely. We must stand up for what’s right. ProLife.”

In contrast, another woman posted, “No. Politicians aren’t known to have the best morals or character. I don’t want to be judged by another’s flaws.”

One man said, “Yes! You’re to witness through your political views, and show that they line up with the Biblical values, morals, ethics and principles you claim to live by. You can’t sing ‘Jesus Loves The Little Children’ in church on Sunday while posting a sign for a Pro-Abortion Candidate on your front lawn Monday through Saturday and voting for legal abortion on election day!”

Another man commented, “Absolutely not. I only want to be known as a follower of Jesus.”

What’s your take?

In order to respond properly to this Christian leader, I asked her how the placards might prove helpful. Would they possibly get some of those in the neighborhood to vote for these candidates? Would it spark any useful conversations? Or, to the contrary, would it make it harder for this couple to share their faith, since the gospel would now be associated with political candidates?

My own view was that if they really felt the signs would be helpful to the candidates and would also lead to some fruitful, honest discussion with their neighbors, it might be fine. But my greater concern would be whether it would tarnish their witness, since they would not just be known for their faith in Jesus but for their open support for these particular candidates.

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