High School Girls Stand Tall and Fight For Their Human Rights

High School Girls Stand Tall and Fight For Their Human Rights by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

With the Biden Administrations FBI running around persecuting Christians, harassing parents at school board meetings and arresting people for defending the unborn, people are a little concerned about speaking up, standing up to be counted for their God given Rights.

Well, that was yesterday and the tide seems to be turning. Across the country we see lines being drawn. Sexual deviants, wanting to play god and people that believe in the One True God, are beginning to clash. Ultimately, this issue comes down to faith. Either a person believes in God or they believe they are god.

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Today we see more and more people actually becoming vocal, growing stronger in their faith and allowing their voices to be heard. It seems that people are becoming less concerned about the tyrannical antics of the Biden Regime and more concerned about losing, not only, their individual Rights, but the Rights of future generations.

This world needs people, both men and women, that are strong in their beliefs. We must all find our voice and never, ever back down from tyrants. Tyrants show up in every dark corner that feeds on fear, hatred and cowardice. When the dark corners are rooted out Light always dispels their agenda. With no place to hide, the true coward begs for mercy.

I have no idea if the people below believe in Jesus Christ or not. It doesn’t matter as the Power of Jesus Christ, Love and Truth always shines through.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for strengthening these young women and allowing them to find their voice in Your strength. May the Light of Love shine bright in their community to rid each school of these sexual deviants.

While the above is going on in Vermont, across the country in Southern California we find something of the same issue, but this time the perverts are going after all the children, not just the young girls.

The good news we have very strong Moms on the scene who are as unafraid as the young girls above.

This is one of the moms that was interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

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