Young Christian Athletes Pack Stadiums Across the Nation to Preach Jesus

Young Christian Athletes Pack Stadiums Across the Nation to Preach Jesus by Shelby Lindsay for Charisma News

In a movement to shake the nation, students are gathering together across America in sports fields to share the message of Jesus to their community. The bold, impassioned followers of Jesus are coming together Wednesday night to share their testimonies of being transformed from darkness to light with their community.

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The event, ‘Fields of Faith’ takes place every year with the mission to change a culture that is riddled with depression, anxiety and hopelessness by sharing the gospel. The student-led outreach with Fellowship of Christian Athletes was birthed in Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma FCA Director Jeff Martin prayed and asked God what to do about the frustration he was having regarding the temptations and spiritual battles the young generation was facing. God brought Martin to 2 Chronicles 34 to read about King Josiah who was only eight years old when he began to reign.

Josiah was one of the kings who did right in the eyes of God. He had the altars for idol worship torn down, cleansed Judah and Jerusalem and restored true worship.

2 Chronicles 34:33 says, “So Josiah took away all the detestable things from the lands that belonged to the people of Israel and caused all who were found in Israel to serve their Lord God. And all his days they did not turn away from the Lord God of their fathers.”

Martin’s dream of having these events nationwide started in 2004. “What started out as a thought and a prayer has turned into a huge national event, all through the power of Christ,” Martin says.

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