Paul Offit admits on video there are no benefits of the new booster shots

Paul Offit admits on video there are no benefits of the new booster shots by Steve Kirsch for Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter – SubStack

Watch this video where one of the world’s most respected vaccinologists admits that there are no benefits to the boosters. He’s not taking the boosters. Why should you?

Dr. Paul Offit, MD is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center and practices medicine in the Infectious Disease department at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and he also sits on the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC).

Check out this 1 minute video where Dr. Offit talks about the new bivalent booster and the “scant evidence” and that the “fix was in:”

Paul Offit admits he doesn’t see the benefits of the booster. And if he can’t find any benefits, it’s probably because there aren’t any. Click the image to watch the video.

The background

Several months ago, VRBPAC voted to approve a COVID vaccine novel booster formula that combined the mRNA instructions that targeted BA.4 & BA.5 – the two Omicron strains which circulated last spring and early summer.

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There were no human clinical trials conducted on this booster. It was not tested on people. It was tested on just 8 mice. There is no long term data on what happened to the mice after injection. All the mice were challenged with Omicron and every mouse was infected showing that the vaccine had zero protection against getting the virus. The mice were sacrificed shortly thereafter because we don’t want to know the long term effects. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

You will not find a bigger proponent of vaccines in general and the COVID vaccines specifically, in American medicine, than Dr. Paul Offit.  He voted YES to give the COVID vaccines to all children, even babies as young as 6-months.

Why did Paul Offit vote No on the boosters

Yet when VRBPAC recently voted on the novel COVID booster, Dr. Offit voted no, because (in his own words) “HELL NO was not a choice!”

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