The Real Glory of America Lies in This Crucial Character Trait

The Real Glory of America Lies in This Crucial Character Trait by American Renewal Project for Charisma News

Cultural Marxism is a political and social plan centered on class warfare, pitting people against one another as it divides the country into groups—the oppressor versus the oppressed.

Fascism is a doctrine of elitism where the superior crushes the inferior and the weak. It stands for oppressive totalitarian control, lawlessness and the loss of individual rights.

In the summer of 2020, when Antifa and Black Lives Matter were busy torching and looting America’s cities, it struck us as peculiar that no American newspaper or journalist seemed interested in investigating where the pallets of bricks came from that were used as projectiles on the protest routes around the nation.

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At long last, the misnomer “religiously neutral secular state” seems to be coming to its end. Secularism is no more “neutral” than Christianity. The deceptive terminology has been effectively deployed over the last 100 years to help secularists gain political advantage to displace Christianity in America’s public square with religious secularism. Despite secularism’s duplicitous insistence on being “neutral,” to believe in God or not to believe in God are both religious beliefs.

By now the alarm bells should be going off about how the allegedly “neutral” state got invested with so much “divine” power that it could remove prayer and Bible from public education, wantonly license the barbaric carnage of unborn babies in utero, brazenly banish the Ten Commandments from public education, courthouses and government buildings, as well as making up out of whole cloth a constitutional right to homosexual intercourse and marriage and most recently, guilefully but gleefully bestowing “special rights” upon homosexuals and transgenders.

American Christendom’s relinquishment of the public square paved the way for the State to exalt itself to a godlike position, to be treated as the object of supreme regard. This became overly apparent during the COVID pandemic when government oligarchs demanded unquestioned submission to their noxious ‘public health’ measures and disallowed churches to congregate and worship.

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