Elon Musk: “Nuclear War Probability Is Rising Rapidly”

Elon Musk: “Nuclear War Probability Is Rising Rapidly” by  for End Of The American Dream

One of the wealthiest men in the entire world is deeply concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war.  On Sunday, Elon Musk posted a tweet in which he stated that “nuclear war probability is rising rapidly”, and he is right.

Western leaders continue to tell us that this war will not end until the Russians have been pushed out of every inch of “Ukrainian territory”, but the Russians will use nuclear weapons to defend Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk if that becomes necessary.  And once the Russians use nuclear weapons, the west will almost certainly respond in kind.  So what scenario do we have left for the war in Ukraine that does not end in a horrifying nuclear conflict?

Elon Musk can see that the potential for a peaceful way out of this mess is almost totally gone, and that is why he tweeted what he did.

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If both sides continue to escalate the war, it will eventually go nuclear.

Unfortunately, western leaders seem to believe that the Russians will ultimately back down and Russian leaders seem to believe that the west will ultimately back down.

But the truth is that neither side plans to give up until total victory is achieved.

So we continue to play a very dangerous game of nuclear chicken, and the fate of our society hangs in the balance.

Earlier this week, I warned that the Russians could target critical civilian infrastructure in retaliation for the bombing of the 12 mile bridge that connects Crimea and Russia, and that is precisely what we just witnessed

Early in the morning, missile strikes hit the capital Kyiv for the first time in months and in areas far closer to the center of power.

The large-scale Russian bombardment struck several cities – including far reaches of western Ukraine close to NATO’s eastern flank – across the country almost simultaneously, propelling the conflict into a new phase and coming just as much of the country was starting to roar back to life.

The strikes occurred as people headed to work and while kids were being dropped off at schools. A friend in Kyiv texted me that she had just exited a bridge span 10 minutes before it was struck.

This massive barrage of missiles shocked the entire world.

As I write this article, it is being reported that there is no electricity in Lviv, Poltava, Sumy and Ternopil…

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