U.S. Marine: Veteran, Addiction and PTSD Recovery Story (Video)

U.S. Marine: Veteran, Addiction and PTSD Recovery Story Video

Brandon is an American retired U.S. Marine veteran who served 13 years and three tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. He left the military after being injured in the line of duty. Like many veterans, Brandon had trouble adjusting to civilian life. Disconnected from his brothers in arms, struggling with PTSD, and facing an uphill battle with injuries, he turned to heroin. After going through many drug rehabs, Brandon found his remedy at Tree House Recovery. This team-centered program, where he now works as a counselor. His goal is to help every client leave Tree House with their own band of brothers, so they never struggle alone.
0:00 Retired Marine Sergeant Brandon Fender
1:00 Opioid Addiction and PTSD
2:15 How Most People Try Heroin
2:58 Why Heroin is Addictive For Vets
4:00 Cycle of Relapse & Suicidal Thoughts
5:15 How One Call Can Save A Life
5:32 A Typical Day at Tree House
6:51 Tree House Treatment Results
7:20 I Have Everything I Ever Wanted
9:10 Tree House Saved My Life
9:59 Call Today

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