‘Come Back to Jesus’: D.L. Moody’s Loving Letter From More Than 120 Years Ago Will Inspire Christian Parents Amid ‘Deconstruction’ Craze

‘Come Back to Jesus’: D.L. Moody’s Loving Letter From More Than 120 Years Ago Will Inspire Christian Parents Amid ‘Deconstruction’ Craze by Billy Hallowell for Faith Wire

Few evangelists have cemented a legacy so fervent that their names, teachings, and notable moments are still commemorated more than 120 years after their deaths, yet D.L. Moody fits that mold.

Moody, who lived from 1837 to 1899, founded transformational institutions that are still around today, including the Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute, both located in Chicago, and the D.L. Moody Center in Northfield, Massachusetts.

But beyond brick and mortar, it was the robust and lively nature of Moody’s faith walk that not only inspired his contemporaries but continues to transcend time and galvanize multiple generations.

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Dr. James Spencer, president of the D.L. Moody Center and author of “Useful to God: Eight Lessons from the Life of D. L. Moody,” recently told CBN’s Faithwire he was blown away when he came to learn about the intensity of Moody’s faith.

“I just read through all of his letters,” he said. “I was reminded just how empty my spirituality was compared to what I was reading in his letters.”

Listen to Spencer share the incredible stories about Moody that still inspire people’s faith today:

That led Spencer to read even more about Moody, diving deeper into the late evangelist’s life and character. As he explored Moody’s faith, he uncovered a number of characteristics others before him had pinpointed in Moody — traits that made the late evangelist “useful to God.”

“He was authentic, and he was earnest,” Spencer said, noting how Moody grew up in poverty, had a 4th or 5th-grade education, and had to work hard to take care of his family.

After coming to Christ, Moody served as a chaplain in the Civil War, preaching to soldiers on both the Union and Confederate sides.

Spencer said Moody eventually “reached 100 million people for Christ” and started at least three schools. At the core of Moody’s work was trust in the Lord — a guiding principle that led him to evangelize in the U.S. and beyond.

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