Parents Stand Up to ANTIFA Assaults — While Protesting ‘Drag’ and Transgenderism for Children

Parents Stand Up to ANTIFA Assaults — While Protesting ‘Drag’ and Transgenderism for Children By

Heavy police presence — but no arrests of Antifa perpetrators. Violent leftist group promotes child sexual deviancy. Texas MassResistance earlier revealed that drag performer for children had criminal record.

We’re all learning how the Left’s storm troopers are not only violent but degenerate. They come out in force to defend those who push sexual deviancy on children — and attack anyone who disagrees.

But in Texas, pro-family activists — including MassResistance — are boldly standing up to it!

As we recently reported, Texas MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon and MassResistance activist Kevin Whitt exposed how a local leftist church in Katy, Texas, was bringing in a drag queen with a criminal record to perform at an upcoming event with children. This was widely reported on conservative news sites, and several pro-family groups announced they would be showing up there to protest as the Sept. 23 event was taking place.

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The church, First Christian Church of Katy, had quickly dropped that particular drag queen after Tracy exposed his past and published his degenerate social media posts. But the church continued to advertise the event with a different drag queen.

Raising Money to Help Teenagers Cross-Dress Without Parents’ Knowledge!

Besides pushing “Drag” culture on children, the purpose of the church’s “Drag Bingo” event was to raise money for “Transparent Closet,” the church’s in-house organization that helps teenagers to cross-dress without their parent’s knowledge. For example, the group gives dresses and make-up to boys, and gives girls strappings to “bind” their breasts tight to appear masculine — a very unhealthy practice promoted by the LGBT movement.

One pro-family man managed to get an admission ticket to the church’s Drag show. While inside, he also was given a tour of the “Transparent Closet” by a church member! But when they saw that he was videoing, they had a police officer remove him. Someone later posted his video on Twitter. Right after he left the church, Tracy Shannon interviewed him.

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