The Complete Story of Isaac & Jacob (Video)

The Complete Story of Isaac & Jacob Video by Bible Unbound

What would happen if God had to bring His blessings through the serpent of the garden? The story of Jacob will tell us. What is the meaning of Blessing and Curse in the Bible? The family of Abraham will tell us. The Old Testament narrative will be launched from this family into the blessing of Eden on the Cross.
0:00-3:08 – The Family of Abraham
3:08-5:50 – Isaac and Rebekah
5:50-7:59 – Two Nations
7:59-11:04 – Birthrights
11:04-13:38 – Blessings
13:38-20:41 – Rachel
20:41-25:36 – Wrestling with God & Man
25:36-29:00 – Reconciliation
29:00-30:52 – On Blessings & Curses

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