Christian Nationalism On The Rise (Video)

Christian Nationalism On The Rise Video by NBC

GNN Note – With the massive landslide election of Giorgia Meloni as the new Prime Minister of Italy the communist in Operation Mockingbird media are all on high alert. Italy is an important, and one of the larger, economies within the EuroZone. Losing Italy to conservative, God, family and country values is a huge slap in the face to the WEF, satanic-globalist crowd. All hands on deck and the foundation of it all being Christianity, well, point all guns at Christians and Jesus Christ. How can they be god, if people are actually worshiping and following God, in the name of Jesus Christ? This is just one of the first and will be followed by a great many more of this type of propaganda. / END

An Idaho town grapples with questions about the role that religion should play in the public square as Christian rhetoric rises in American conservative politics.

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