Prophetic Word: ‘I Saw the US Capitol Building Laid Like a Coffin’

Prophetic Word: ‘I Saw the US Capitol Building Laid Like a Coffin’ by Charlie Shamp for Charisma News

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Do not fear at this time where evil seems to prosper. I am bringing you to victory. There is a shaking of the foundations in America unlike you have ever experienced in the past. I am removing every mask of deception, dismantling satanic structures and demolishing demonic altars.”

Destroying the Stranglehold on America

“There will be two significant deaths that shall come; they will mark an end of the injustice they have sown. This will be a sign that I will not tolerate the spirit of python in your nation! I’m destroying the stranglehold that hell has placed upon you, America.

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“Do not seek to speak to the fallen dust from which man has come. Do not argue with the dark carnality and corruption of sinful man. Do not entangle yourself in the war of the flesh in Washington DC.

Speak to the Wind—Prophesy to the Dry Bones

“Speak to that which I have given to you. Speak in the Spirit to the wind; speak My Word to the earth. Prophesy to the dry bones and they will live! Prophesy to the spiritual wells of revival covered over and call them forth to flow again.

One Who Has Stood as a Prophet in the United Nations

“For there will come one that has stood in the United Nations as a prophet for Me. They will say, ‘This man is not a puppet; we cannot pay him to do as he is told. How were we unable to remove him? Make him silent, for he goes against that which we want to achieve.’ I say, too, he is not a politician, but My prophet. I have sent him as one crying in the wilderness.

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