Was The Nord Stream Attack Orchestrated By The United States As Ordered By Biden?

Was The Nord Stream Attack Orchestrated By The United States As Ordered By Biden? by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Tucker Carlson, once again, puts his neck on the line when he began discussing the Nord Stream attack on Monday Sept. 26. This attack is nothing less than an attack of terrorism. When you listen to Operation Mockingbird corporate media you will not hear that language used. You will barely hear that it was, in fact, an attack.

The President of Poland was first to call an attack of “sabotage”, or attack.

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As Tucker Carlson points out in his opening to Tucker Carlson Tonight it appears the United States may have ordered or been part of or fully executed the explosion, the terrorist attack, of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. With a total of 3 explosions in close proximate in both time and space it appears to be an attack of terrorism committed by someone.

Below are two different videos showing the Biden Regime in saying they will attack Nord Stream 2.

First is the occupant of the White House, Joe Biden.

Next is Victoria, F’ the EU, Nuland. She is directly responsible for everything that is happening in Ukraine today. Back in 2014 there was an unsecured phone call that was captured where she was discussing regime change in Ukraine. At the time she was the point person for Europe under the Obama Regime and reported directly to Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Full Tucker Carlson Tonight

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