The Voice Of An Enemy Of The State…

The Voice Of An Enemy Of The State… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Throughout history a single voice has stood before the people and united the people one person at a time. A single individual speaking to another individual, maybe two, but no more than two. This has been the case since Jesus Christ approached Andrew and his brother Simon, who would be called Peter. Peaceful revolutions throughout history have all began in this same manner. Not as a “movement” or an “uprising” but one person speaking clearly, sanely to another.

Let’s not forget the “progressive” leftist, communist are the people that, literally, painted the streets with signs to allow crime to run wild in our communities. Not one of these streets pictured is from a Republican, conservative run city.

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The good news there is a shift happening, there is a change in direction.

Today we celebrate the beginning of the next peaceful revolution with the victory of Giorgia Meloni. While we were not privileged to be part of the first conversation Mrs. Meloni had with her husband, we feel confident her rise begin with a conservation with him or possibly one or two close friends. That’s the pattern, that’s how the world changes…Every. Single. Time.

If a person listens to corporate media, what we call Operation Mockingbird press, the story being told not only sounds almost exactly the same, no matter the source, but you also hear what usually turns out be the exact opposite of the truth. When someone calls President Trump a nazi, a xenophobe – whatever that is, or a fascist rest assured he is probably nothing more than a man that believes in Liberty, freedom and a true capitalist economic system.

Remember the Operation Mockingbird press telling us these people were “peacefully protesting”

the first tweet shows Washington DC under siege during the summer of 2020

Not one of the people that burned down cities across America was called an ugly name, in fact, they were praised for their “bravery”. Not one of them has been arrested, charged or even investigated for their terrorist acts. Not a one.

Let us now listen to another voice of “fascism”, “nazism” or whatever the talking heads on corporate TV news call us this week.

Giorgia Meloni, the new Prime Minister of Italy, is being called every name under the sun. She has blown the lid off the satanic-globalist talking points and the people – the actual citizens of Italy – voted her into office in an massive landslide victory. The conservative Right now holds every position of importance at the federal level in Italy. Their voice will wipe out every last communist, satanic policy enacted by the liberal left over the past 3-4 decades. The people are, peacefully, take their country back. We will see how the owners of Italy respond. My guess is, they will call out the hounds of hell because Italy is one of the more important European economies in the EuroZone.

People are predicting this is exactly what is going to happen in the United States. Both houses of Congress will vote out the majority of all democrat leftist communist. Will the voting machines allow this to happen in the United States? We will find out on November 8th.

One last world from Giorgia Meloni.

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