Your Wealth, Your Liberty… Explained In The Simplest Way

Your Wealth, Your Liberty… Explained In The Simplest Way by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

If a person’s currency, money, is corrupt, then every aspect of life, anything the corrupt currency, money, touches must become corrupt in order to hide the lie the currency, money, it telling.

The Federal Reserve System, born December 23, 1913 stole the wealth of the United States of America. The Federal Reserve System is not federal and has no reserves. The Federal Reserve wrote a check to the Federal Government for all the gold that belonged to the people, as represented by the U.S. Treasury, but had nothing in holdings in the Federal Reserve Bank that DID NOT EXIST at the time the check was written!!!

We have been scammed by the banking cartel. If you listen to Tucker Carlson he says this on a regular basis. He says it in a way that can be easily missed, but he says it none-the-less.

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The tweet below explains what is coming in one simple statement. Either you know this or…OR you had better learn what it means very quickly as when Vladimir Putin speaks he follows up his words with action and in short order, unlike the man currently occupying the White House.

If you don’t believe our currency, money, is corrupt then explain to me how someone like Nancy Pelosi is able to make stock trades with insider information. Explain to me how someone like Sandy Cortez, aka AOC can go from being a bartender, with a net worth under $10,000 to a net worth of $28 million in just 3 years. Explain to me how all the people in the video below can, just two years ago, scream about “defunding the people” and now scream the “nazi Republicans were the ones saying defund the police”.

Not a good example? What about this? Why is this man, along with hundreds of others, having to go before school boards, city council and the like to remind those in charge that children are NOT sex toys? Can someone explain this to me? Would you mind speaking slowly and only use one syllable words so I can understand?

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