The West’s Propaganda Picture Of Russia’s Evil Intent

The West’s Propaganda Picture Of Russia’s Evil Intent 

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Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts

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The Western media is a collection of liars in a propaganda ministry, and its so-called “Russian experts” are for the most part Russophobes operating on grants from the US military/security complex.  Consequently, Westerners have no valid understanding of the conflict in Ukraine, how it arose, and how the West’s involvement together with extraordinary provocations, has  created in the Russian leadership the conviction that the goal of the West is to destroy Russia.  As this conviction hardens, the Russian leadership is abandoning hope of peaceful coexistence with the Western world and is preparing for war.

In his speech Putin begins the preparation of the Russian people for the hard reality.  Putin doesn’t like the hard reality and did his best to avoid it by ignoring provocations and insults until it became impossible because, as Putin says,  “the West has crossed every line.”

The West, of course, is Washington.  The rest of the Western world reports to Washington as I learned from a US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. “How,” I asked him, “do we get the other countries to do what we want?”  “Money,” he replied. “You mean foreign aid?”  “No, we give the leaders bagfuls of money.  They report to us.  We own them.”

This means that there are no independent Western voices in Britain, Germany, France or elsewhere to moderate Washington’s drive for world hegemony.  There is no one to say, “do you know what you are doing?” There is no one to warn Washington that the US is pushing Russia too hard.  There is no one to warn us against believing our own propaganda. Consequently, Washington has pushed the Russian leadership out of the accommodation mode into the prepare for conflict mode.

This clearly demonstrates how dangerous is the neoconservatives’ unilateralism.  There is no one to talk back to Washington but Washington’s chosen enemies, whose words, if reported at all, are always reported out of context following the propaganda line that it is Russia and China, never Washington, who is the threat and cause of conflict.

I recommend you read the translation of Putin’s address to the Russian Nation.  Possibly Tass or the office of the Russian President will provide a better translation, but his one is sufficient to see how the Russian leadership views a situation that has been misreported by Western presstitutes in a fashion that supports the West’s propaganda picture of Russia’s evil intent.

The fact of the matter is that the problem is Washington’s evil intent.

Military historians understand that once mobilization starts, war follows.  Putin is trying to avoid this irreversible course by ordering a limited, not full mobilization, which he hopes, together with the self-determination under the UN Charter of the four liberated areas to be reunited with the Russian Federation, will convince the West that the war cannot continue unless the West supports military attacks directly on Russian territory.  I have been writing for 8 years that Washington, despite its arrogance, will not go so far as to initiate war with a superior Russian military force.  This was true in 2014.  I hope it is still true today.

You will not hear Putin’s closing words to the Russian nation from the West’s presstitutes.  Putin puts the idiot West on notice that the West’s survival is unlikely unless Washington gives up its demand for hegemony:

“It is in our historical tradition, in the fate of our people, to stop those who are striving for world domination, who threaten to dismember and enslave our Motherland, our Fatherland. We will do it now, and so it will be.”

Here is Putin’s address to the Russian people:

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

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