Red Flag: When “Prophecy” Looks Like a Horoscope (Video)

Red Flag: When “Prophecy” Looks Like a Horoscope Video by Melissa Dougherty

This is what I call playing “prophecy darts.” This is not Biblical. This is bad theology. And bad theology will hurt you.
Paul and Morgan are Christian YouTubers that some of you might have come across on your Tubes of You scrolling adventures. Through a very interesting series of events, I came across a video that they did about how they left the Hyper-Charismatic movement. (This is purposely called hyper charismatic because it’s an extreme belief about how God works in the supernatural.) Intrigued, I watched it and reached out to them afterward. I asked them to come on my channel and share more about their experience and they kindly agreed. God works miracles, heals, and speaks to us…. but not like this. The abuse of signs, wonders, miracles, revival, words of knowledge, touch not my anointed, false prophecies… We talk about it all.

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