Leadership Speaking To An Incompetent Figure Head

Leadership Speaking To An Incompetent Figure Head by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

When facts meet with fantasy situations can look a lot different. If one person is relying, heavily, upon facts and data while their counterpart is speaking from emotion and hopium, well, the conversation would sound something like…

Anyone with a brain can see, clearly, the democrats are out of ideas, have no policies, nor intentions, of helping the American citizens. They are no interested. Martha’s Vineyard and the fact the military was called for 48 border jumpers and said border jumpers were moved from the privileged white enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, to a military base, in a mere 44 hours tells you what they actually believe about border jumping, illegal immigrants coming to THEIR neighborhood. Sure, it’s fine if they overrun your neighborhood, but their neighborhood…well, that’s completely different.

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