Let Us Not Forget the ‘LGB’ when Pushing Back Against the ‘T’

Let Us Not Forget the ‘LGB’ when Pushing Back Against the ‘T’ by Michael Brown for Ask Dr Brown
It is not just Christian conservatives who are pushing backing against transgender activism these days.

Prominent liberals, along with well-known gay and lesbian activists, have also been raising their voices, especially when it comes to transitioning children. Together with conservatives, they are protesting the insanity of biological males competing against biological females or against putting young children on puberty blockers and performing sex-change surgery on minors.

But that is only one side of the coin.

The flip side of all this is that homosexual practice has become more and more accepted to the point that fewer and fewer conservatives will tackle it head on.

Is this a direct result of the Supreme Court redefining marriage in 2015? Or because “gay conservatives” have become political allies? Or because a loving, adult, consensual relationship is a lot less offensive than removing the breasts of a healthy 14-year-old girl? Or because of personal relationships with LGB couples or individuals? Or because of the relentless media bombardment going back more than three decades?

Whatever the cause, the fact is that, as much as opposition to transgender activism has increased, opposition to LGB activism has decreased.

This is a serious error, theologically, morally, and practically, since the transgender movement is just the logical extension of the homosexual movement, the inevitable next step on the LGBQ trajectory.

As Francis Schaeffer pointed out in his 1968 book The God Who Is There?, “But much modern homosexuality is an expression of the current denial of antithesis. It has led in this case to an obliteration of the distinction between man and woman. So the male and the female as complementary partners are finished.”

As I noted in a 2018 article, “Yes, Schaeffer saw this 50 years ago, one year before the Stonewall Riots and the rise of the militant gay revolution, and long before the push for same-sex ‘marriage.’

Schaeffer added, “It is imperative that Christians realize the conclusions which are being drawn as a result of the death of absolutes.”

In response, I wrote in 2018, “How much more imperative is it that we realize this today, as society pushes hard to destroy the ‘gender binary’ and as male-female distinctives are considered an enemy?”

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