New CA Social Media Law Expected To Further Squash Christian Views Online

New CA Social Media Law Expected To Further Squash Christian Views Online BY TIAR’A LITERARY & ILLUSTRATIONS for Prophecy News Watch

On September 13th, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom, of the golden liberal state of California, signed a nation-leading social media act [AB-587] into law that was created by California Assembly Member, Jesse Gabriel (D-Encino).

The law will enact in 2024 and will forever alter the course of American ideologies. Henceforth, social media companies, businesses, schools, and other community sites that put forth such platforms, will be severely monitored. Any company or persons using social media to express opinions that explicitly contradict those established as “agreeable” by local and national governing bodies will be liable for permanent censorship, fines and/or potential prosecution.

The revolutionary act is a historic “first-of-its-kind”. Clearly, the new law directly violates America’s age-old First Amendment Rights of the American Constitution regarding “freedom of speech” and is promoted as a wonderful idea that will protect children and vulnerable communities. Communities highlighted by California Assembly Member, Jesse Gabriel were: “women, people of color, members of LGBTQ community, Jews and other religious minorities and immigrants”.

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Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel additionally mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic and stated: “Sixty-five percent of vaccine misinformation is online. This is misinformation that has been directly related to vaccine hesitancy and refusal. And that’s why we’re calling today for the passage of assembly bill 587, the social media transparency and accountability act of 2022”.

The new California social media law has been marketed to the public to “protect Californians from online hate, disinformation, harassment, and extreme opinions”. But the unanswered question that remains is: What are extreme opinions? What is disinformation? Both are undeniably tumultuous, albeit virtually impossible to specify.

Perhaps a simple definition of the new law would read: You better not write, endorse, or even mention anything that goes against the status-quo, such as anything that contradicts “Woke”, abortion rights, women’s rights, black rights, Hispanic rights, rapper rights, mental illness, or LGBT+ beliefs, OR anything of the sort that is in defiance of God’s Laws. If you do, your social media rights will be terminated, you will be fined and/or prosecuted, fired, and/or your business shutdown.

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