Hard Question for Christians: The Bible Says We Have Enemies, So Why Won’t We Say So?

Hard Question for Christians: The Bible Says We Have Enemies, So Why Won’t We Say So? By TOM GILSON for The Stream

GNN Note – Actually, we have no problem saying, and calling out, our enemies. Jesus said that if He could separate us now He would ~ Luke 12:49-53. / END

I’ve just finished a series on gay activists and the Christian faith, where I called them our enemies. Yes, enemies. That label shouldn’t bother them, since they called us their enemies first, but I suspect it might bother a lot of Christians. Calling someone an “enemy” — especially a fellow American — is the last thing most Christians want to do. It’s as distasteful as it gets. I think that’s why decades after the culture wars started, we still put scare quotes around the words: “culture wars.” We don’t want to admit it’s a war. We don’t want to call anyone “enemy.”

I’ve got news for you. It’s a war. There’s no avoiding it. But I’ve got even more surprising news for you: Our delicate hesitancy to call it a war is wrong. We may think it’s more loving, more biblical, more Christian to avoid labeling anyone our enemy, but it’s not. It’s wrong on all three counts.

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We Have Enemies

Before we go there, let’s get an idea who we’re talking about. I’ve already mentioned gay activists. I’m specifically not talking about the gay person you work with, the same-sex couple down the street, or your lesbian family member. I have no idea where they stand on Christianity. I do know that gay activists want to destroy the faith.

We have other enemies besides. Take Demetre Daskalakis, for one. He’s an openly avowed Satanist who revels in pentagrams, upside-down crosses, and disturbingly distorted images of Jesus. The person who sent me links demonstrating that said, “You can’t post this on The Stream. It’s too graphic, and too disturbing.” He was right. (If you really need the proof of it, I’m sure you can find it on your own.)

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