They Have Been Destroying Our Culture For Decades, Now We Can See It Degenerating Right In Front Of Our Eyes

They Have Been Destroying Our Culture For Decades, Now We Can See It Degenerating Right In Front Of Our Eyes by  for End Of The American Dream

Our culture has been completely and utterly turned upside down.  If Americans from 1776 could visit us today, they would be absolutely horrified.  Everything that they considered to be good is now considered to be evil, and everything that they considered to be evil is now considered to be good.  We may pay lip service to the Constitution that they gave us, but the truth is that we have completely rejected all of the values that were the bedrock of their society.  As a result, our culture is rapidly degenerating and we can see evidence of this all around us.

Have you ever heard a politician say that “America is great because America is good”?

At one time, that was actually true.

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But now our country has been taken over by people that are unashamedly evil.

They control the education of our children, they control most of our news and entertainment, they run most of our large corporations, and they occupy most of the major positions of power in our largest cities.

Sadly, they also completely dominate the halls of power in Washington.

Over time, the American people allowed them to creep their way in, and now they are “the elite”.

And they are literally destroying our culture.

Traditional American values have been banished to the remote fringes of our society, and they have been replaced by values that represent the exact opposite of what our society once believed.

At this point, the elite have become so bold that they want to begin sexual indoctrination in kindergarten, they are attempting to normalize some of the most extreme forms of sexual deviancy imaginable, and they are pushing to set up vending machines “that will distribute drug supplies” even in very remote rural areas of the nation…

The Biden administration will be spending $3.6 million to set up vending machines in rural Kentucky that will distribute drug supplies as part of a project run by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“Our kiosk, or KyOSK (KY Outreach Service Kiosk), will be supplied with injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and other supplies,” according to the project. The vending machines will allow drug users to procure items like syringes without having to come into contact with health experts.

In addition to drug paraphernalia, the kiosks will also distribute “food kits, water, socks and gloves, feminine hygiene products, wound care, and resources/guides,” the National Institute on Drug Abuse told the Free Beacon.

In our schools, reading, writing and arithmetic have been replaced by sex, drugs and political correctness.

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