The Gods Have Returned (and America is Being Paganized)

The Gods Have Returned (and America is Being Paganized) By

A specter is haunting America. It lurks in its halls of government, its media, its television, its computer screens, its classrooms, its culture, its children. It is the invisible agent transforming America into something completely other than it ever was. The mystery is deep. And the specter is ancient. In an earlier age, it destroyed nations and empires. It has now set its sight on America. If it has its way, it will mean calamity for our nation. It is the specter of the gods.

Something is Happening to America

What is happening to America? It is a question that can be heard across our land, in every corner of our culture, from the right to the left, from Republicans to Democrats, conservatives to liberals, the religious and the secular. Something is happening. What was once considered to be wrong or evil is now celebrated, and what was once considered to be right and good is now condemned as vilified, even cancelled. Ideas and practices are now taking hold which, in past days, would have been consideredmadness.

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For any culture or civilization that has once known God — such as America — and turns away from God and His ways, the end will be worse than the beginning.

The nation that once prided itself as the city on a hill, a light to the world, the world’s last hope, and a beacon of moral good upon the nations, is now the world’s greatest producer of pornography. It blankets the earth with pornographic images it had once condemned. Other nations now see America as a force of moral corruption to be guarded against. The nation that once saw itself as the upholder of marriage and biblical and Christian values is increasingly waging war against those values to the point of censoring the words “man” and “woman” and instructing its little boys that they may actually be little girls and, in time, surgically altering them. What happened to America?

A Metamorphosis Described as Paganization

As I began my research and preparation needed in writing my latest book, The Return of the Gods, I came upon a mystery from ancient times with a warning that now applies to America — and all of us. It reveals that what America is now undergoing is a metamorphosis that is best described as paganization. And unless America changes it course, the damage will be irreversible and will lead to calamity.

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