Our Leaders Have Abandoned Us – Essence Of Collapse VIII

Our Leaders Have Abandoned Us – Essence Of Collapse VIII by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

We never intended for this series to become a series, it just happened. We are now three years and eight “chapters” deep into the Essence of Collapse. With the help of Tucker Carlson and others, we can see a variety of pieces that make up a collapsing society such as we are experiencing right now in the U.S. and, more broadly, the Western, so-called “developed” world. The only “first world” developed nations that are not collapsing share a few common threads. The same threads that once bond our great nation like only God’s Mighty Hand can ever do. God, family and servitude were at the top of the list. Humility, concern for your neighbor and community were high ranking as well. The foundation of law and order meant everyone was treated equally and if a person committed a crime they went to jail. Back-in-the-day, if a capital offense was committed the convicted criminal would loose their life.

Society functions when we respect one another and the law is dispensed equally. We could go through an endless line of crimes, including treason, that are going unrecognized, under-reported and unpunished. For the latest simply review the Politics and End Times sections of this website. This crack, that has become a full blown tear, in the foundation of our communities shows the depths of collapse we have entered. When citizens can no longer go for a walk, leave a business to go to their car or a business owner can’t open their business without being attacked by some demon possessed agent of the devil, well, the collapse is not only accelerating it is nearing the end, and final, stage of complete collapse.

When the last great empire, Rome, completely collapsed we saw other rogue elements, like the Visigoths, the Mongrels and the Berserkers absolutely attack the out post and then Rome itself. They were able to do this because Rome had become nothing more than a cesspool of corruption, lawlessness and sexual degeneracy on a scale previously unknown in the “developed” world. We are seeing the same thing today in the U.S. and, especially, Europe. China is buying once American based, American grown and American operated companies. China is buying farmland to ship crops back to China. Mining companies, once American owned and operated, are being bought by China. A vast amount of manufacturing for America and Europe is being done in China. This is a modern day invasion and attack on the outpost of our country.

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All of this is to say nothing of the so-called leadership in the U.S.. Corruption is so thick it is almost impossible for said “leadership” to get anything done for the people of this once proud country. The lawlessness that is encouraged, voted into law and has a blind-eye turned away is jaw dropping to anyone that can see or hear. The violence on our streets, in our homes and in our businesses is breathtaking, to say the least.

Watch how Mr. Carlson, once again, breaks down the Essence of Collapse in another mind-bending monologue that seems to have been written for another country at another time. Unfortunately, it was written for our country at this time.

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