Carrying The Message… Step 12 v2

Carrying The Message… Step 12 v2

The deeper into this series we get the closer we are drawn to God, our fellows along the road of happy destiny and our family. We see our faults more easily and make amends even quicker than we thought possible. We are more focused on the Living Word of God and carrying the message to as many people as possible. It feels as if God has taken the reigns and is driving the bus; we are merely a passenger doing as He would have us to do.

In this second video discussing Step 12 and Carrying The Message we look way beyond the Steps and see what God is placing in our path. We see how we are to interact with others, we see others, not as a “disaster’ or “loser” but as ourselves. If you have followed any of my work you are well versed in what we believe about such “titles” for ourselves. We see ourselves in others and others in us. It’s as if we are looking in a mirror and seeing all the broken pieces that once made up our lives that have been, for the most part, put back in place. Some will never fit and maybe they never fit to begin with. Maybe we just wanted them to fit so we did-what-did to make them fit. hmmm…

Our life is so much different than it was at the beginning of this journey of discovery that it’s strange to think of who we once were. We learned we have no power, we are insane and that God could and would use His power and the Mind of Christ to restore us fully. Not only do we find that to be 100% accurate, we have found that we want others to experience what we have fully experienced ourselves. We would rather no one miss out on any aspect of the journey we have navigated that has been fully guided by God’s merciful hand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re muslim, sheik, sufi or come from any other religious background, Jesus Christ would like to meet you. Jesus is waiting for an encounter with you. Jesus would like to invite you into relationship with Him and introduce you to peace beyond understanding. That peace has a name… His name is Jesus Christ. Our prayer and hope is that you would accept this invitation, not at our request, but at the request of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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