AI creator warns of apocalyptic artificial intelligence that will replace need for humans

AI creator warns of apocalyptic artificial intelligence that will replace need for humans from End Time Headlines

Robots could one day overthrow humans in an ‘apocalyptic’ takeover, a tech expert has predicted. Aidan Meller, the creator of the Ai-Da robot, believes that within three years artificial intelligence (AI) could overtake humanity, per The Daily Star.

He also backs Elon Musk’s belief that advances in AI could impact mankind more than nuclear war. “I agree with Elon Musk that AI is a bigger threat than nuclear war – but it could also be remarkable too,” he said “There is every right to feel nervous about the rise of AI,” he added.

“We are hurtling towards them taking over humans so we need to have a heart of ethics.” Meller explained there is cause for concern as this is a changing world in which humans are merging with machines.

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Aidan said: “AI is going to show a mirror to the dark side of being human.” “Technology is not good or bad, it’s how we use it. This ­exhibition will show how it came about and where we want to go.” Just a few days ago, Meller was presenting his Ai-Da robot, the world’s first ultra-realistic artist bot, at the Imagining AI exhibit in Oxford, UK.

The bot draws and paints using cameras in its eyes, its AI algorithms, and robotic arms. It’s called Ai-Da after Ada Lovelace, the famed 18th-century English mathematician. Though it isn’t human, Ai-Da’s work has been praised for its detail and one reporter for Art Review even called it “kind of hot”. The humanoid robot creates its paintings using AI algorithms and cameras in its eyes that monitor its masterpieces. “We are making leaps – robots will ­become human and AI is already manipulating social media and elections,” Meller said.

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