The quiet rise of LGBT Influence in Christian and conservative circles

The quiet rise of LGBT Influence in Christian and conservative circles by Doug Mainwaring for Life Site News

The conservative movement aims to save civilization. But conservative elites will fail if they abandon marriage, the nuclear family, and every child’s right to his or her mother and father.

<I’ve got to start off with some great news: Last week I was in Florida and I met Jesus in the flesh. It was my organization’s 25th anniversary celebration, and Jim Caviezel, the star of The Passion of the Christ, was there. [Laughter]

I want to follow up a little bit on what Ryan Anderson shared. In 2017, I was invited to speak at the University of Hong Kong alongside a man named Walt Heyer. Some of you may have heard of him before. He is a man who underwent “sex change” surgery a few decades ago. Eventually he lived to regret it, and for the last couple decades he’s been ministering to people who regret their decision to have undergone medical or surgical “transitioning.”

So, while we were in Hong Kong – for ten days – every time he would pull his phone out of his pocket, there would be messages from people all over the world seeking help on how to detransition. And this is a big story. Everybody’s promoting “gender affirmation” surgery. My own HMO presents it like crazy, but there’s very little out there for those who – sometimes quickly – regret having undergone the surgical or medical interventions.

That was eye-opening for me to see just how big of a tragedy this “transitioning” is and how awful it’s been for our young people and continues to be.

So let me get started. I’m going to see if I can’t depress you more than Ryan Anderson. [Laugher]

Today what I hope to convey to you is not only how LGBT ideology has found a warm, welcome home within conservative Christian and political circles, but more importantly, WHY each of us needs to be concerned.

I hope you’ll be able to see just how insidious and how invasive this has been, and how dangerous.

My background

Let me begin by telling you just a little about myself.

Twenty-four years ago, married with two young sons, I divorced my wife to live as a gay man; 10 years later, while still in a homosexual relationship – with the male cousin of the then-Republican U.S. House Majority leader – I became politically engaged for the first time in my life. I co-founded National Capital Tea Party Patriots, left the world of high-priced residential real estate, and trained myself to become a writer in order to better win hearts and minds in the public square.

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