Tennessee University Cancels Drag Event for Mocking Christianity, ‘Disturbing’ Content With Kids

Tennessee University Cancels Drag Event for Mocking Christianity, ‘Disturbing’ Content With Kids By  for Faith Wire

GNN Note – The good news is the event was cancelled. The reality of the situation is the event was planned, massive resources were used to put it together and all the people involved thought is was a great idea. Thank goodness it was cancelled, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was on schedule. / END

A Tennessee university president has canceled future drag shows that were previously held on campus, citing “disturbing” content that targeted minors and mocked Christians.

President Phil Oldham of Tennessee Tech University (TTU) issued a statement after a video of a drag show held on campus went viral on Twitter.

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“I am disturbed and dismayed about the activities in a video circulating on social media from a recent event on Tennessee Tech’s campus,” he wrote.

“I do not feel the activities in the video represent Tech’s values, and I do not condone explicit activity where minors are present,” he added. “I also am offended by disparaging mockery toward any religious group.”

TTU frequently hosted drag shows at Backdoor Playhouse theater and advertised them to all ages.

But a video posted on Twitter by child protection advocate Landon Starbuck went viral and caught the attention of the school’s president.

“These all-ages drag shows have been going on for a long time now on campus,” she wrote.

According to the DailyWire, a man dressed as a sad monk comes out onto the stage to a song that mocks faith. The music changes and a drag performer strips down to a bodysuit. Minors with cash in their hand are seen running to the stage and an audience cheers.

In a thread, Landon Starbuck had mentioned that the school planned to host another event later this month and told parents who send their children to the school to contact Oldham and the school’s dean, Dr. Lisa Zagumny.

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