Journalist Stabbed to Death After Exposing Democrat Corruption, Democrat Politician Arrested for the Stabbing!

Journalist Stabbed to Death After Exposing Democrat Corruption, Democrat Politician Arrested for the Stabbing! by

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they say. Well everything except certain venereal diseases…and tales of Democrat corruption. There’s no news of that first thing, but thanks to Jeff German, a Las Vegas-based journalist who covered Vegas and the surrounding Clark County for decades, tales of Democrat corruption started to seep out.

Particularly, tales of one certain Democrat’s corruption started to leak out…that of Robert Telles, a local Democrat politician. Tales of his corruption was what German was covering and doing investigative work on when, during an altercation, he was stabbed to death.

Townhall reported as much in a recent article on the subject that summed up what happened quite well, saying:

Police suspect an altercation erupted at German’s home, which led to his death; German succumbed to stab wounds. The description of the car in question seen near the crime scene at the time of German’s death matched a vehicle driven by Robert Telles, the soon-to-be-former Clark County Public Administrator. Telles’ home was searched on Wednesday, and he was arrested on suspicion of murder shortly thereafter.

Telles was the subject of German’s final investigative work concerning how his office had become engulfed in scandal ranging from general mismanagement, bullying, and an inappropriate relationship with a staffer. The series was enough to cost Telles his job in June when he lost his primary. His term was set to expire in January, in which Telles, an attorney, would return to private practice. Yet, the coverage of this story has been sanitized since Telles is an elected Democratic Party official.

But while the MSM might generally want to brush the story under the rug, as it looks like a corrupt Democrat stabbed a journalist to death for reporting on his corruption, not all reporters are sitting quietly on their hands and letting the story die out.

Another reporter named Jim Stinson picked up where German left off, posting a shocking Twitter thread on the subject and saying:

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