DC Mayor Declares State of Emergency Over Migrants Bussed to Her Sanctuary City

DC Mayor Declares State of Emergency Over Migrants Bussed to Her Sanctuary City By Jim Hoft for The Gateway Pundit

In June 2020 during the mass riots in her city, Washington DC Mayor Bowser kicked out ALL of the National Guard troops that were sent there to restore peace.

Mayor Bowser announced at the time she was examining every legal question about President Trump’s authority to send troops, even the National Guard from other states, to the District of Columbia.

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Mayor Bowser told reporters, “I have the authority and have not requested guard from any state.”

The DC Mayor then later evicted ALL NATIONAL GUARD from any Washington DC hotel.

Days later violent leftists defaced the WWII Memorial and Korean War Memorial and torched a 200-year-old church.

A protester watches as leftist thugs torch the historic St. John’s Church in Washington DC during the Summer of Love riots in 2020.

Bowser did nothing to stop the ransacking of our nation’s capital by leftists in 2020.

On Thursday morning, Mayor Bowser declared a state of emergency due to the migrant buses dropping off economic migrants in Washington DC.

Washington DC claims to be a sanctuary city.

These people are crazy.

WJLA reported:

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on Thursday declared a public emergency regarding thousands of migrants being bused to the city from Texas and Arizona. Bowser said the city will establish an Office of Migrant Services to help those arriving in the city.

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