Will Everyone Eventually go to Heaven? (Video)

Will Everyone Eventually go to Heaven? Video by Melissa Dougherty

The belief in Universalism has become more popular in recent years. In almost every era of the Christian church, professing Christians have found the idea of universalism attractive. It has been condemned in the history of the church, almost from the beginning. And it comes up every generation to be debated.
A helpful analogy: Say we’re sick and have cancer. We want to get better. So we look into medicine to help us. We might have people who want to help us and give us suggestions on how to get better. It might be that someone is telling you not to go to the doctor at all! Go holistic. Someone else says you need a vacation. Less stress cures cancer! Someone else might say you must get chemo and go to the doctor. Another might say you must get meds off the black market to live. Another will say that you must meditate and use crystals. Another says NO, you must use oils and practice a very clean diet. Another says, just pray with nothing else. And yet another says you must take illegal drugs to live and get better. The question is: which one will cure my cancer? Which one will actually help?
Imagine for a second that someone walks into the room and says, “you know what? They ALL cure your cancer. Doesn’t matter which one you do or take. Just pick any one of those solutions and you’ll be okay.”
What you’ll probably end up doing is the easiest one! But the worst person in the room is the dude telling you that every one of these will work. They have almost guaranteed that you won’t pick a hard path to a cure. “Don’t worry… you’ll be fine in the end no matter what you do!” Taken to a spiritual level, Universalism is a bad cure. If it’s not true, and all paths don’t lead to God, then you’re leading them… where?

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